Lose Weight As Slow As Possible

You should lose weight as slow as you possibly can. When you lose body weight, you lose a combination of fat and sometimes you lose a little bit of muscle. It just happens. The faster you lose weight, the more of that is going to be muscle, and perhaps the less of it is going to be fat. The reason being is that muscle is an expensive part of your body. It uses a lot of energy just to maintain it.

When you have less energy coming in to the point where you’re losing weight at an extremely fast rate, your body is going to want to get rid of things that use up more energy in order to hold on to more of the calories.

It just wants you to survive, not get a six pack. It’s going to start getting rid of things that are eating up all the energy. One of those things is muscle. When you’re losing weight at a rate that’s too fast, chances are most of it is going to be muscle. What’s too fast? Well, a good rule of thumb to go by is 1% of your body weight per week.

 If you’re losing weight faster than this, what you want to do is increase your calories to the point where your rate of weight loss is back within that range.You always want to be eating as much food as possible while losing weight. It’s kind of counterintuitive.

If you’re always dieting, you’re eating less calories and you’re always in a diet mode, your body shuts down the metabolism and starts getting rid of a lot of the muscle which is burning up energy because you’re eating so little. Eat as much as possible while you’re losing fat, and try and lose weight as slow as possible.

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