Waste Time On Things You Love In 2017

I’m essentially wasting time. In 2017, that’s what I think you should do. Waste time. What I mean by that is not sit down and watch Game of Thrones or sit down and just watch YouTube videos all day, or play Candy Crush, or … Do people still play Candy crush? I don’t know. My mom still plays Candy Crush. But what I mean is, usually when people have goals, and dreams, and things that they actually want to achieve, they’re pushed aside because the things that they actually want to do or the things that they have to learn are usually considered wastes of time, either by someone else or by themselves.


But where people get that wrong is they see that as an initial waste of time because there’s no immediate return on your investment, and then they scrap it all together. They’re stuck in a pattern of doing the same old stuff that they do every single day, every single month, every single year because they don’t want to invest the time into something that’s a waste of time.

If you never learn, if you never invest the time in something new, how are you ever going to know that it’s going to pay off? How are you going to know that something’s going to pay off after doing it once, right?

This is a game of months and years. Along the way, you’re going to learn. Along the way, it’s going to get faster. But if you don’t take that first step and waste time, then you’re never going to start and it’s never going to happen.

This year, I’m going to waste time on things that I want to do, that are actually worth pursuing to me. I give you permission, if you need someone’s permission. I give you my permission, so at least you have one person that gives you permission, to waste time in 2017. I want you to waste time on doing something that you love to do, that you actually want to achieve, that you want to pursue. Waste time.

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