Win More Battles

If you want to be successful, you’ve got to win more than you lose.

Every day, every decision that you make, every opportunity to make a decision, throughout your entire day, you have an opportunity to win or lose.

A win would be something like, do I stick to my diet? Do I actually get up to go work out? A loss would be something like not going to the gym, or cheating on your diet. If you’re thinking about business, a win would be something like spending more time after work on doing things to start your own business. Whereas a loss would be something like watching a TV show after work instead of working on the actual business plan, or anything that you have to get done.

Wins don’t have to be big. Everyone’s so concerned about getting to the goal now, getting to the whole thing, the whole game, the whole battle. You have to focus on winning smaller battles. If you do, then you’ll win the whole battle. There’s a saying in football, which is you don’t concentrate on winning the whole game, you focus on winning the most plays. Because whichever team wins the most plays during the game, will most likely win the whole game. If you’re focused on just winning the whole game, and not winning play by play by play, then you’re lost. You’re distracted by the big picture, but you’re not doing the small things that need to be done along the way in order for you to win the whole game.

If you want to achieve a goal, you should focus on winning more than losing. Winning all the smaller battles, or winning all the smaller goals, and when you do, chances are you’re going to get there. If you string up a bunch of workouts together, and a bunch of days where you hit your diet, chances are you’re going to get to your goal. If you’re only focusing on “I need to lose weight”, “I need to lose fat”, “I need to gain a bunch of muscle”, and not doing the things that need to be done along the way, because you’re so distracted by “yeah, in the big picture I’m doing it”, but you’re not winning the small battles, you’re probably not going to get there.

That goes for business too. If you’re not focusing on winning the small battles, doing the little things here and there that get you to opening a business or being a successful business, all the things that you may not want to do, you’re going to lose. Focus on winning more battles than losing every single day. Every decision that you make is a battle, and you’re either going to win it or you’re going to lose it. At the end of the day, if you win more battles than you lose, then you’re good. You’ve won that day. You can move on, and string up a bunch of days that are wins, and eventually you’ll get to whatever it is that you want to get to.

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