5 Secrets to Successful Fat Loss

Ever wonder what makes certain people successful at transforming their bodies and losing tons of fat? What are their secrets? What do they know that you don’t?

Well, the answer may be simpler than you think. Below are those 5 secrets. Execute on all of them and watch the fat melt away!

Caloric Deficit

This is a given. In order to burn body fat your body must have a need to go into your fat stores for energy and this happens by eating less calories your body needs. Make sure you’re providing your body with a slight caloric deficit to get the fat loss started.


Fat Loss Mindset

Fat loss is a psychological game and being in the right state of mind is the difference between winning and losing. Think long-term. Fitness and transforming your body is a long game. Be prepared to fail, analyze, adjust, and repeat. Be patient. Accept that you’ll be hungry. Be okay with not going to every social event and not eating everything your friends get to eat. Be on a mission, but take it one day at a time. Be better than yesterday, even if just by a little.

Eating Enough Food

Eating less to lose fat is a good first step, but eating too little is not. Slashing your calories right from the beginning is a surefire way to get weak, lose muscle and motivation to train, feel miserable, and even put on fat!

The trick is to decrease your food just enough to get the fat loss moving but not negatively affect your training. Remember, training revs your metabolism and helps burn fat so aim to train hard. Instead of eating less calories than you burn, think of it as burning more calories than you eat. Increase the burn!

Fast Frequent Workouts

When it comes to fat loss training you want your workouts to be intense, but also short. When you train for too long you lose focus and your quality of work decreases. Also, after you pass the 45 minute mark counterproductive hormones start to elevate. Keep your workouts short and sweet.

Frequency is also huge when you’re talking about any type of body composition improvement. You should be aiming to train AT LEAST 4 times per week to keep your metabolism humming nice and high throughout the week. At first glance that may seem like a lot but in reality it’s only 4/7 days which is 57%. Get that frequency up there!



This one is huge. In fact it’s the biggest factor of all. You can do the other 4 things but if you don’t do them consistently, day in day out, you won’t success. Same goes for building strength or muscle. No matter the goal, you must execute consistently. Now, we’re not looking for perfection, but we are looking for at least an 80% success rate. How will you know if you’re hitting that? By tracking.

Track your macros, track your training days, track your workouts, track your habits. Whatever you choose to track, make sure you’re doing them at least 80% of the time.

My suggestion to you is to have at least 3 variables to track. 1 Training, 1 Nutrition, and 1 Lifestyle.

An example would be:

How many training sessions do you get in per week?

Set guidelines for protein, carbs, and fats like we do at CTS and see how many times per week you hit those targets (without going over)

How many days per week do you sleep before midnight?

Once you start tracking it becomes easy to analyze and adjust according to your results.



Those are the 5 secrets to successful fat loss. Knowing is the easy part, now go out and do!

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