Train for Next Summer

I want to talk about kind of a mindset shift – or perspective rather than how many calories should I eat or how many reps should I do. This stuff is kind of really the background or the foundation of everything that you do in training, in your nutrition, and even in your other goals.

It doesn’t have to be training, it doesn’t have to be nutrition, it could be business, it could be your career, it could be your relationship. Behaviours and stuff are really the base of your pyramid.

What I want to talk about is training for the future.

Getting in the mind set of your not training for this summer. Everyone wants to train for this summer. It’s May now, everyone wants to get ready for July or they want to get ready for June. Everyone wants to train for next month – short term goals. Realistically, the people who are overall successful are not training for this summer. At the very minimum they’re training for next summer, or two summers from now, three summers for now. Basically getting in the mindset that your goals are going to take time.


That time is not measured in days and weeks, but in months and in years more likely. What that gets you into is not rushing your training, not rushing your nutrition. If it’s in the case of your career, let’s say you own a business, like me I own this business, if I were to base all of my worth and put all of my confidence into succeeding in two months or building a million dollar business or a multi-million dollar business in two years then I’ll fail.

For people that are training and they want the beach body or they want to squat a certain amount of weight or be this strong or look this way, they’re setting deadlines that are now – they are always in a rush. Like now I have two months to get ready, I have to look this way by then. And then it’s a cycle. The people are who are getting ready for summer now are going to rush, take some extreme measures to get there. They probably won’t get to where they want to get to. And then after summer is done they fall off until next summer and then they’re training for “this” summer again.


In my opinion, in my personal experience, if you want to succeed at something, set it far in the future. So you’re not training for this summer you’re training for at least next summer. Give yourself time to work, because that’s what it takes, it takes time. No one wants to give it that time. No one wants to take a step back in order to take three steps forward. But you’re going to be different.

You need to get in the mindset of your going to put in work, you’re going to put your head down, you’re going to put in work for years. Eventually you will get where you need to be, and that’s what no one is willing to do – put in years of work and train for or work towards something that’s way in the future. But getting it rather than something that’s two months from now and not getting it, everyone wants the instant result but be different, set your goal in the future, put your head down and work.


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