Quick Meal Prep Tips

Here are some quick meal prepping tips that you may find helpful.

Cook Proteins In Bulk

Meal prepping is all about saving time and it takes just as long to boil one egg as it does to boil a dozen. Take advantage of your cooking time by cooking proteins in bulk. The oven is a great tool for this; just preheat, set the timer, and come back when it’s ready. This way you can easily cook enough food for the week in just an hour or two.

Make Sure Meats are Room Temperature Before Cooking

Bringing meats to room temperature before cooking will speed up the cooking process and ensure that they cook evenly. Meat that isn’t properly thawed out will end up being burned on the outside and cold/raw in the center.

Cooking Temperature is Important

A little cooking knowledge can help the taste of your food immensely. When using the stove, use high heat for searing proteins to lock in the flavour, then use a more medium heat to continue the cooking process without burning the outside. 

Cook Beef to Rare For Future Reheating

Eating a tough, chewy steak sucks. Cook your steaks to rare, that way when you reheat them for lunch or dinner they get to a still tasty medium rare instead of well-done.

Pre-Cutting Will Save Time

After cooking your proteins pre-cut them and either portion them or store them in large containers. This way you can quickly portion them out when needed with no need for utensils.

Fats Are Flavour

Fatty cuts of meat are more flavourful than leaner cuts. Think chicken thighs vs. chicken breast or rib eye vs. sirloin. This fat must be accounted for when planning your meals. You can either have them in the meat itself or use it as an additive. For example, you could have a rib eye steak or you can have a sirloin but use the fat calories towards adding cheese and/or avocado to create a burrito bowl. This option allows you to be more creative with your food instead of only eating boring protein+carb meals. Add oils, cheeses, nuts, or fat based dressings.


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