Winner of the Lean Machine 8 Week Challenge

The Lean Machine 8 Week Challenge has come to an end and the winner is…


Andrea Siu


Andrea FB Andrea SD


Andrea lost a total of 17lbs with 13.9 of it being bodyfat!


As voted by her fellow participants, she took home the title of Lean Machine along with the grand prize of $600.


Congratulations Andrea!


Keys to her success


Finding a sustainable eating approach


Andrea was determined to do the challenge without tracking calories. In most cases, tracking of some sort is recommended to see what’s actually going into your body. This way you can more accurately manage and manipulate your intake to bring about a specific result. However, sustainability reigns supreme when it comes to consistency and therefore results. She knew that tracking wasn’t something she was able to keep up every day so she dropped it.


What she did do was eat the same things, in the same portions every day (with some small deviations and cheat meals). In the end this proved to be much easier on her mentally and she stuck to it.


High frequency and not waiting for the gym


Like I covered in a previous post, high frequency training is crucial to keeping your metabolism high and changing your body composition. We recommend a MINIMUM of 4 hours of training per week to start transforming your body. Andrea was training between 5 and 6 times per week and she didn’t wait for the gym.


What do I mean by that?


People get into the habit of thinking that they can only exercise at the gym which isn’t true at all. You can do bodyweight movements, go out for a run, play sports, the list goes on. She was lucky enough to have a stationary bike at the condo so, in addition to the 4 Lean Machine Bootcamp classes she attended on a weekly basis, she performed bike intervals 1-2 times per week. Sometimes these were performed on the same day as bootcamp in the morning before going to work!


Having a deadline and accountability


Being accountable to someone or something is a huge part of being successful. We’re too easy on ourselves.


The 8 week challenge gave her and everyone in the challenge something to work towards. There was a deadline, it wasn’t an easily moveable target. There were photos and measurements so there was proof of hard work (or lack thereof).


No matter what your goal is, setting a deadline and being accountable will get you farther than you would get without them. You have to show up.


Having great social support


The #ctsfamily was a great motivator which made it easier to show up for bootcamp 4 times per week. Everyone was working towards the same goal and encouraging one another along the way. I’ve mentioned before how having good social support contributes to success. The #ctsfamily is the best out there.

Lean machine bootcamp


What’s Next?




The next Lean Machine 8 Week Challenge is coming April 17th!


Registration is now open for the next Lean Machine Challenge! We are working to make this one even better than the last by providing more support, seminars, and possibly even sponsors to help you during your transformation.


Click HERE to learn more!

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